‘Whiz Software’s & Business Solutions’, was started in 2010 by three enthusiastic IT professionals committed towards next generation of Software, Consulting and Business Solutions.
‘Whiz’ means “move faster” and that reflects our aspirations.

The Company was started in 2010 from ‘Nagpur’ an incredible city of Maharashtra.

Later, in 2012, we also established our foot print in ‘mumbai’,’Pune’ & ‘Hyderabad’ – the commercial and entertainment capital of India, it is also one of the world’s top 10 centers of commerce in terms of global financial flow, generating 5% of India’s GDP, and accounting for 25% of industrial output, 70% of maritime trade in India..

Our motive at Whiz is to define, design and deliver technology enabled business solutions for our customers.

This is achieved by leveraging our domain and business expertise on latest technologies in market.

IT Consulting
IT Services
Software Development
Website Development
Mobile Application
Testing and Validation Services
IT Infrastructure & Maintenance Services

The company started its work with a contract of Inventory Management Software for a Medical Retail Outlet.

Stepping forward steps ahead, our primary motive is to make the country an “IT Hub” within 2020, which here implies to make each and every aspect, of business, computerized.

Our former PM Late Mr. Rajeev Gandhi was the visionary of the growth of software industry in India. He believed that Software Industries would take India to the 21st century.

He worked for it whole heartedly and currently this business is proving as the gigantic economical aid for Indian economy.

For the perspective, of WHIZ this is not a dream, rather than this is the well established destination to be achieved.

As involved in software field, we’ve made our practice our profession. Software world lies in different scenario for different people.

It can be entertainment, gaming, inventory, spread sheet, word processor or any other problem solving product. But for us it’s a challenge, which inspires us, setting new goals, work for it and achieve it with grace and glory.

Here at WHIZ, we help you understand what your business needs, procure your requirements and help you implement the new system effectively so that you make the most out of your resources.

There are many companies which will provide you softwares, fulfilling your requirement and provide you after sales service.

We, here at WHIZ, help you analyze and figure out your requirement so that you don’t miss out at anything.

We also provide you software which will be tailor-made for your requirement with an assurance that it would not be provided to anyone else! At times, we find that even after installing new systems, there are similar errors and flaws in the process. It is not necessarily that it is the fault of your software. There may be a flow in business process.

At this point, we are at your help with our Business Process Consultancy.

Here we help you to formulate policies and make changes in procedure so that the flows and gaps in the processes are reduced. Our niche over other firms is requirement analysis, procurement of software with your sole right over that software and business process consultancy, all in prices more reasonable then what others provide.

We have a team of very enthusiastic, dedicated talented and friendly people.

A team which is ready and willing to solve your problems within the time constraint. As the closing steps, I hope that you will surely give WHIZ a chance.

WHIZ assures you, that you will never regret it, rather we bet you will get the best deal here.

It would be a pleasure for us to provide you our services.